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Classic wheat flour T65 (basic white flour)

Wheat flour T65 , the all-purpose flour 💪.

👨‍🌾 Paulino Horta, Alenquer
🤤 Ideal for everything that is done in the kitchen: cakes, pastas, sauces, batters;
🌾 Made with wheat through traditional processes;
🥖 Good for making Mafra bread, as it is stronger and more intense.

1.80 / 1kg

  • Product sourced with love
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • No chemical added (never!)

Located in Cabeços, Alenquer, the Farinhas Paulino Horta company has been a family business for a while.

Since 4 generations, these flours’ producers have been commited to produce the best and tastiest flours. Today, they are proudly recognized by top professionals of the Portuguese food industry (including bakers of course 😉).

How so, you ask? Good question. At Farinhas Paulino Horta, everything starts with the choice of raw materials: organic (for most of them) and 100% national seeds.

Then, the tecnics. The blends produced by the family Farinhas Paulino Horta are the result of one of the best combination possible: the match of old tradition and modern production tecnics. And here we are. Amazing quality raw materials + handcrafted methods + 4 generations of experience and experimentations = a top quality result.

From the traditional wheat flour to the rarest blends, passing by the rice, oat or buckwheat flours, whether you are a professional or a Sunday cook, you may definitely find what you’re looking for: top flour, tasty and made with love.

At MiAM, we’re totally fan! 🌾