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Three apples cider – Sidrada

Light apple cider made of 3 types of apple. 100% Portuguese, natural and vegan.

📍 Sidrada, made by Nuno and Liliana in Bombarral;
🍏 Fermentation of 3 apples: Royal Gala, Reineta e Granny Smith;
🤩 Light colour and complex savour, fruity, acid and lightly sweet;
🍴 Perfect to drink with cheese, spicy food, or Asian food!
🍸 Cocktail idea: sangria;
🍺 ABV 7.5%.

3.50 / bottle (330mL)

  • Product sourced with love
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • No chemical added (never!)

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Have you heard about the apple cider made in Portugal? Let us tell you all about it…

At MiAM our goal is to make your life simpler! We want to bring you all the groceries you need to cook the most delicious meals. Finding products that are biological, respect the planet and come from independent producers is our daily task 🤩

Born from Liliana and Nuno’s desire to use apples that were considered “waste” , that is due to their small size, irregular shape or non-uniform colour, they started what we now know as Sidrada – a brand of handmade Portuguese cider 🤩

The fruit that Sidrada uses comes from the Bombarral, on West of Portugal. Their apple cider is light and fresh, with a strong apple taste. This cider is made with 3 different types of apples: royal gala, maçã reneta and grey smith. It’s fruity, citric and not too sweet 🤤

The three apple cider is perfect to drink with cheeses, spicy, Asian or oriental food or seafood! You can also use this cider to make cocktails such as sangria 💃