Apple cider – Sidrada

Light royal gala apple cider, 100% Portuguese, natural and vegan.

📍 Sidrada, made by Nuno and Liliana in Bombarral;
🧺 Light & fresh, great for picnics;
🤤 Full of taste, no added sugar;
🍎 Goes well with everything – literally;
🍺 ABV 7.5%.


In stock

  • Product sourced with love
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • No chemical added (never!)

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Sider or cider? Uh-uh, not an easy one, we know!
Lucky for you, we’ve found this Portuguese brand of sider, Sidrada, with a S, that will help you remember 😉
OK that’s being said, NOW, we can start telling you the story behind this Portuguese cider (oops, I did it again) made with Portuguese apples.

Once upon a time, in Bombarral – West of Portugal – there was a happy family. Nuno and Liliana, descendants of a 3-generations-farmers-family, were surrounded by fruits when they came with this idea of creating a Portuguese brand of artisanal sider! A cider that would be so amazing the entire world would like to steal their recipe. BAM, Sidrada (also known as Sidra do Oeste) was born 🍎

OK cool, nice story, but there are already some cider brands in Portugal, so what does make this one so special, you ask?

According to us, MiAM team, definitely its taste. Light, fresh, smooth and sweet, this is the best cider we’ve drunk in Portugal so far<. According to Liliana, its quality. Indeed, every bottle is made from fruits only (5 per bottle). Only fruits. Nothing else. No artificial color. No artificial flavor. No conservator. No nothing. (oh wait, now we know where the great taste comes from). When can you drink apple cider? And what to eat with your sider?

This light apple cider, with its golden and crunchy color, is really easy-to-drink. Perfect “after-work” drink, it will also be your best pique-nique and warm days’ allié. And if you’re looking for some food to match this apple cider, you can try appetizers, cheese, white meat, fish or even seafood! Psssst: you can also try special cocktails such as sider-sangria or sider-bourbon-wiskey 🤤

As usual, MiAM guarantees amazing products, that you can shop online and get delivered at home in 24 hours.
Not convinced yet? Try the experience and shop Sidrada apple sider online, you’ll see 😉