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Pear cider – Sidrada

The only 100% Portuguese pear-cider of Portugal!
Natural and vegan drink.

📍 Sidrada, made by Nuno and Liliana in Bombarral;
🤤 Golden colour, floral exotic flavour with a sweet aftertaste;
🍐 Perfect match to appetizers, desserts or white meat;
🔥 MiAM suggestion: try this amazing cider on your gin!
🍺 ABV 4.5% . 33cl.

3.50 / bottle (330mL)

  • Product sourced with love
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • No chemical added (never!)

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Everything you need to know about our rock pear cider 😏

Portugal is a country full of resources: from farmhouse butter to organic fish conserves, we have it covered! Ever since the beginning our objective is to make the home delivery of groceries and fresh products indispensable in your kitchen 🧑‍🍳

Sidrada resorts exclusively to orchards in Bombarral, west region of Portugal. To make their ciders they use the so-called “ugly fruit”, which is the fruit that does not reach supermarket shelves, typically wasted or sold cheaply to the manufacturing industry 🤩

Rock pear cider, or perry, made with rock pear from the West of Portugal, has no added colourings or flavourings. Their cider is vegan and gluten free 🍐

With a golden colour and an flowery and exotic taste, the rock pear cider is A-MA-ZING! “And, what to drink with pear cider?”, you ask… Pear cider goes perfectly with cheese, appetizers, desserts or white meats! OH, and don’t forget to try the so famous gin with pear cider 🤤