Integral bread with seeds

The MiAM team favorite!
Mother dough bread with seeds made with wholegrain flour 💛

🍞 Made by Lourenço e Antônio of Pão do Beco, Lisbon;
🤤 With firm crust and soft crumb with sesame and other seeds;
⏰ Keep at room temperature, in a cloth bag;
🌾 Fermented naturally giving it a truly irresistible flavor and aroma.

Ideal in any occasion: bread with soup, bread with cheese, bread with bread. We LOVE it!

2.90 / u (450g)

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  • Product sourced with love
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • No chemical added (never!)

The artisan bread recipe has only three ingredients: water, salt and miller flours. The big difference between artisan bread and industrialized bread is the fact that artisan bread does not have hydrogens or sugars in its list of ingredients, among other additives that are nutritionally of little benefit …

At the Lisbon bakery Pão do Beco, flour is given priority. There, all flours are produced by local millers, who use the most expert techniques to extract flour of excellence. In addition, the handmade bread from Pão do Beco has a special homemade flour, ground in stone millstone, on the day the bread is made and gives it an incredible flavor and texture! 🤤🙌

Mother dough bread has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years. And the question that many people ask is “What are the benefits of bread with natural yeast?” The answer is simple: mother dough bread or naturally fermented bread, or slow-fermented bread (I know, there are many names, but it will all be the same) it has many health benefits! Improves digestion, decreases abdominal bloating, improves bacterial flora, is a more satiating bread and has more flavor than industrial bread 😉

All the advantages of mother dough bread are due to the fact that this bread has a “life of its own”, that is, it has naturally present organisms that are basically bacteria and yeasts that are good for the body and still give our bread a divine flavor a delicious texture!

We already understand why bakers like them so much …. As the mother dough is a homemade recipe, which can take up to 7 days to make, it is safe to say that no two mother doughs are the same! So, all slow-fermented breads turn out to be slightly different – but we promise that they are all sooooooo tasty! 🥐🥖 Depending on the type of natural yeast – understand the number of hours it started to ferment, the humidity and temperature of the place where it fermented, the variety of flour used to make it – the flavor and consistency of the breads also varies! It’s fantastic, isn’t it?

And the best part is that you can now receive artisan bread at home! Order your bread and receive it with your basket of organic fruits and vegetables in 24 hours 🚀