Sourdough bread • white saloio • Pão do Beco

The traditional white Portuguese bread, with saloio flour. So so good!

👨‍🍳 Made by Antõnio and Louriço, Pão do beco bakers (Lisbon);
🍞 Saloio flour, natural yeast and slow (36 hours) fermentation;
🤤 Golden and crispy crust, moist and fluffy crumb;
🌾 Irresistible flavor and strong aromas.

Matches perfectly with soup, salty butter, peanut butter, and jam!

2.90 / u (450g)

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  • Product sourced with love
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • No chemical added (never!)

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The homemade bread recipes flooded the internet in the quarantine of 2020. Days and days of confinement and the best thing we could do was, of course, a homemade bread to eat later, still hot, with butter or cheese … Uhmmm so delicious! 🍞🤤

Like many of us, Lourenço and Antônio, two brothers, were at home with time to make more bread than they could eat 😅 In order to get rid of all the bread they were making they decided to share their homemade bread with friends and family and so the Pão do Beco started 🤩

For Pão do Beco, the secret of artisan bread lies on the quality of the flour. The grain and grind are decisive characteristics in the flavor which reflect on the texture and nutritional value of their breads. This bakery in Lisbon only works with local millers who, according to best practices, extract flours of excellence. In addition to these flours, Pão do Beco also has a special home-made flour that is ground on the day the bread is made in stone millstone, that enhances the freshness and intensifies the aromas – creating homemade bread like we’ve never tasted before 🙌

At Pão do Beco bakery, all breads are made with mother dough. The mother dough used in artisan bread is made from a universe of healthy bacteria. And what is the mother dough? It’s a natural ingredient with fermentative properties that consists only of flour and water.

Mother dough or madre dough, a natural yeast, bait or impregnating dough is what allows to give volume to artisan bread and develop complex aromas, such as the characteristic acidic aftertaste. Speaking of the benefits of mother dough bread we can say that it helps with digestion, promotes intestinal health, provides more nutrients to the body as well as a greater amount of antioxidants (due to the naturally present bacteria) and allows better control of blood sugar levels 💪

With a crisp and crusty crust and a moist and fluffy crumb, the artisan bread from Pão do Beco bakery is undoubtedly one of the best artisan breads we have ever tasted 🔥 The flavor and aromas of a slow-fermented bread are incomparable and make all the difference!

What is slow-fermented bread? This artisan bread is called slow fermentation bread because for the mother dough recipe it takes several days for the flour and water to develop and create the desired natural yeast to make artisan bread – therefore, it is slower than the usual yeast.

Get Pão do Beco at home! You can choose between Portuguese bread – white bread with white cod and whole bread with or without seeds! Get your bread at home along with your basket of fresh, organic products 🌱