Peanut butter – Mocha kick

Peanut butter, chocolate and coconut. Do we need to say anything else?

📍 BlissOUT, Cascais;
🤤 Intense, warm and delicious;
🥜 Made with roasted peanuts;
☕️ At break-fast, lunch and dinner – it’s hard to stop eating it.


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  • Product sourced with love
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • No chemical added (never!)

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1.70 / ≃500g (4un aprox.)

We are here to help you with your organic groceries, deliver them to your home and make your life simpler. But today I want to talk about a life-saving trick. Ready?

Have you ever had a hard time waking up in the morning? Sleep gets the best of you and all you want is to stay in bed until noon? Yeah… we have all been there, don’t worry. The good news is: I have the solution! Peanut butter mocha kick! Try it and I promise you will run to the kitchen as soon as you wake up (and maybe go back to sleep afterwards, I can’t promise that) 👀

But why is it so special?, you ask… Well, it’s a peanut butter with coconut and chocolate – just what you need to get your energy levels up and running any time of the day! Eat peanut butter mocha on bread, with fruit or solo 😏