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Today it's been complicated for us to keep going with this non-profitable project, and that's why we have decided to stop the activity for now 🙂

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Raphaële and the MiAM team

Apple “fuji” • organic

Full of health benefits and poor in terms of calories, the apple is the perfect snack!

👨‍🌾 Horta do Adão, Apelação (organic farm)
🤤 Crunchy, sweet, juicy
⏰ Full season from February to May, low season from July to September
🍎 Conservation until 1 week at room temperature

1.50 / ≃500g (4un aprox.)

  • Product sourced with love
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • No chemical added (never!)

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1.00 / ≃250g (aprox 2u)

Have you already tried our delicious organic apples “golden” from Portugal?
Grown near Lisbon in a local farm, their sweety taste, and their super juicy and crunchy consistence, these Portuguese apples are simply a DELICIOUSNESS.

Poor in terms of calories and with a lot of health benefits, apples are THE must-have fruit at home or at work for a little snack.
But no worries, apples royal gala are not reserved to healthy people!
Food lovers, a LOT of recipes with apples are waiting for you: roasted apples with cinnamon, apples pies, apple tart, or even easy apples compotes for children (from 7 to 77 yo!)