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Kombucha bio, Original flavor

Natural, 100% organic, Portuguese kombucha, original flavor.

👨‍🍳 Aquela Kombucha, Porto;
🍾 Living drink, result of green tea & sugar fermentation;
😋 Naturally gasified, flavor similar to a sour sparkling cider;
🌱 Full of probiotics, vitamines and good bacterias, kombucha will help you improve your health system.

2.50 / bottle (250mL)

  • Product sourced with love
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • No chemical added (never!)

What is kombucha? (and why should you buy kombucha online with MiAM) 🤩

Also known as “mushroom tea”, kombucha is a fermented tea, elaborated from a mix between green tea and sugar. The motor of this fermentation is the SCOBY.
Mhhhhh, OK, thanks but WHAT is a SCOBY?” 🧐 you ask?
Good question 🕵️‍♀️

A SCOBY is kind of a “Kombucha mushroom“, or a symbiotic culture of bacterias and yeast. To make it simple, it will basically eat all the sugar and theine, and transform the tea into this living drink, naturally fizzy. MAGIC, I KNOW!

There are several brands of Kombucha in Portugal now, and if you can now buy Aquela Kombucha on MiAM, it’s because theirs is (from far) the tastiest we’ve tried. Also, we like that they use the best natural, organic & local ingredients they can find 🌱

What are kombucha’s health benefits?

Including this fermented drink in your everyday-diet is a really healthy habit: the acetic acid, vitamines, minerals and good enzymes created during the fermentation are good for your body. In particular, probiotics provide your gut with healthy bacteria, and will help you improve your health in many ways. Drinking some every day will for instance help your digestion, prevent inflammations, or even help you loosing weight.

What is the best hour to drink kombucha? How many bottles can I drink per day?

You can relax, there is nor a “best hour” to drink this natural drink, neither a limit of quantity. At MiAM, we like to drink Kombucha in the morning to purify, after sport, or even when having a drink with friends. Indeed, it’s a perfect non-alcoholic alternative to fresh beer (and a bit more healthy! 😉)

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