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For 2 years, MiAM has been an amazing adventure, full of joy and good food.

Today it's been complicated for us to keep going with this non-profitable project, and that's why we have decided to stop the activity for now 🙂

Thanks for the visit anyway, we wish you a good day!
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Raphaële and the MiAM team

Green asparagus, responsible farming

The asparagus are back, I repeat, the asparagus are back 🤩 And it won’t last long, enjoy them as much as you can… while you can!

👨‍🌾 Quinta do Robigo, North Lisbon;
🌱 High season from March to April (super short, we know!);
⏰ Conservation in the fridge for about 4-5 days;
🤤 Delicious steamed with eggs, grilled with garlic, in a risotto … so many choices!;

3.40 / 250g = 5-6u

  • Product sourced with love
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • No chemical added (never!)

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Aaaaaalalallaahh green asparagus, one of our favorite veggies EVER!

Full of savor, delicious, amazingly fresh, mega tasty (if you have any other words for such a perfection from the nature let us know 🤩), asparagus are perfect to eat at any time of the day (or almost 😅).

The beauties we sell on MiAM come from a local farm located in the area of Sintra, Quinta do Robigo, where Marco and his brother Helder have been growing them with lots of love and passion.

What can we cook with fresh asparagus? You’ll be happy to try a lot of recipes with asparagus: from a mushroom risotto with asparagus, to simple boiled asparagus with eggs and vinaigrette, passing by grilled asparagus on top of bread… Enjoy 🤤

PS: did you know that it’s one of the vegetables with the shortest season? The season for asparagus in Portugal lasts about 1 / 1,5 months: from beginning of March until the end of April, no more… One more reason to enjoy them as much as we can… when we can!