Hey you 馃檪

For 2 years, MiAM has been an amazing adventure, full of joy and good food.

Today it's been complicated for us to keep going with this non-profitable project, and that's why we have decided to stop the activity for now 馃檪

Thanks for the visit anyway, we wish you a good day!
(and if you want to send us a message, don't hesitate: raphaele@merceariamiam.com)

Rapha毛le and the MiAM team

Orange jam

Classically strong, rich and full flavoured, orange jam. Naturally set with unrefined sugar.

馃檶 This Orange Jam is prepared according to a monastic recipe;
馃ぉ It contains no dyes, preservatives or flavourings, only oranges and sugar;
馃崐 It is produced from oranges from the Algarve, where the exceptional climatic and environmental conditions give them a great flavour.


  • Product sourced with love
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • No chemical added (never!)