Craft beer, Urraca Vendaval IPA – 8a Colina

Urraca Vendaval is a beer with a lot of character. It’s intense but fruity, bitter but refreshing, BUT above all it is a Portuguese classic, easy to drink.

📍 8th Colina – Graça, Lisbon;
🤤 Orange in color and ivory foam, with notes of pine, citrus and tropical fruits in the aroma, which repeat in the mouth, together with some caramel;
🥇 Americana American style IPA beer and the best in Portugal in this championship;
🍺 6% vol, 55 IBU.


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  • Product sourced with love
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • No chemical added (never!)

Drinking a beer is no longer what it was. Portuguese craft beer has changed the way we drink beer. From strong to fruity beers, pure malt and IPA beers, there are over a hundred ways to produce craft beer and a world of flavours to discover 🤩

From Porto to the Algarve, passing through Lisbon, we tasted several Portuguese beers. BUT, finally, we find THE craft beer that is always worth having in the pantry!

The Oitava Colina is a Portuguese craft beer brand that started in 2015 with the aim of producing the best quality beer. It all started in the heart of Lisbon, in Graça. Today they manufacture the best Portuguese craft beers we have ever tasted!

Urraca Vendaval is a craft beer type IPA. “Uhmm never heard of it, what is IPA beer? ” 🤔

IPA-type beers (meaning India Pale Ale) are hopped beers, with fruity and herbaceous or floral aromas and flavours. In terms of colours this beers go from golden to coppery. They were originally created in England and exported to India.

BUUUUT the artisanal IPA from the Oitava Colina is not just any IPA beer. The best Portuguese craft beer in this championship is from the Oitava Colina. Orange in colour and ivory foam, with notes of pine, citrus and tropical fruits in the aroma, and with a touch of caramel. It is bitter (without being too excessive) as expected from this type of beer and, apart from this detailed description, it is without a doubt the best Portuguese beer we have ever tasted 🤤

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