Craft beer • Blonde Lager • 8a Colina

Florinda is a beer full of light. Gentle and elegant this is a light beer, with a delicate aroma and medium acidity.

📍 8ª Colina – Graça, Lisbon;
🤤 Light, rich, refreshing and bitter beer, with hints of bread and a hoppy finish;
🥇 In the glass, golden and shiny, very clear and limpid. White and creamy foam;
🍺 5.3% vol, 34 IBU.

2.60 / u (33cL)

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  • Product sourced with love
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • No chemical added (never!)

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2.70 / u (33cL)
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Beer… The best companion on a hot summer afternoon, from football games to lupines at the beach, or a dinner with friends. The Oitava Colina has changed the way to drink beer in Portugal. This company started in 2015 and produces the best Portuguese craft beers we’ve ever tried 🤤

But what is the advantage of craft beer? ” 💭

Craft beers differ from industrial beers because they are produced locally and in small quantities. Some might think craft beers are a new trend. But, the truth is, craft beers are traditional and follow the oldest methods and recipes  of brewing beer 👌

Create your craft beer kit and enjoy the best beer flavours: from strong to bitter beer, passing by soft and sweet. You can also create a craft beer gift kit – a great option to give on special days or as a birthday gift! 🍻

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