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Crackers w/ salt • vegan • Diplomata

Crackers ondina mar. THE aperitif-must-have: crunchy, tasty, and natural!

👨‍🌾 Diplomata is a young Portuguese brand, inspired by veganism and
😋 Perfect to dip hummus or homemade guacamole;
🌱 Flour, sea salt from Aveiro, vegetal margarina & water.

No colorant, no sugar, no conservatives… Only good things 💛

3.20 / 180g

  • Product sourced with love
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • No chemical added (never!)

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Hop, it’s aperitif time!

We don’t know about you, be we at MiAM LOVE the aperitif 😉
The occasion to spend a quality time with our friends, talk about our lives, exchange our parents’ hellishes, and ask questions like “how are you doing?” and really listen the answer.
Well we have to admit, it’s also the great occasion to meet around a nice artisanal beer or natural wine, and share delicious food alltogether 😍
Hummus, homemade guacamole, healthy chips and… crackers. And that’s always the same problem: buy our crackers in a supermarket, it’s depressing. They’re fat, full of salt and sugar, and often not really really natural!

For a long time, we’ve looked for an alternative both gourmande and natural … and … TA-DAM, Diplomata appeared! 🤩

Diplomata, it’s a Portuguese brand made by fans-of-Brasil-and-crackers-lovers. Yes because we learned doing our researched that yes, crackers are super popular (and more healthy) in Brasil, where you eat some at anytime of the day. Diplomata, it’s delicious crackers, super healthy: totally natural, without colorants, without conservents, and without extra useless ingredients. Flour, water, salt, and that’s it.

The small extra we like? The brand is totally vegan (and the founders in love with pets).
3 words: we LOVE it.

These crackers ondina mar are the classic crackers that you should always have in your pantry in case someone is coming to have a drink 😉 Deliciously salty with see salt from Aveiro, with the perfect amour of crunchiness… You’ll never go back to industrial crackers!

Found and delivered with love by MiAM 💛