Crackers sesame • vegan • Diplomata

Sesame crackers, the perfect combination between a traditional cracker and sesame seeds 😋

😋 Super good to eat with some cheese;
😻 Vegan;
🌱 Flour, sea salt from Aveiro, vegetal margarina & water;
👨‍🌾 Made by Diplomata, a young Portuguese brand.

No colorant, no sugar, no conservente… Only good things 💛

3.20 / 180g

  • Product sourced with love
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • No chemical added (never!)

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Really happy to present you Diplomata, the new Portuguese brand of healthy crackers. Yes, yes, crackers, this small crunchy cakes that you can eat with cheese, dip with some sauce or just eat like that as a healthy afternoon snack 😋

For a long time, we’ve looked for an alternative both gourmande and natural … and it was a bit depressing to buy our crackers in a supermarket. That’s why we’re super happy to have found this small gem 🙂

The sesame crackers, it’s a great combination of a traditionnel cracker (flour and water), and some sesame seeds. And as always with Diplomata, you can be sure of what you put inside your body: no conservent, no extra additive, no nothing bad 😉 Only good local ingredients and a lot of love!

Found and delivered to your kitchen by MiAM 💛