Crackers garlic & origan • vegan • Diplomata

The crisp of a cracker and the spices of garlic and oregano. Welcome to Italy! 🇮🇹

😋 Perfect for an aperitif or a salty snack;
😻 Vegan, made in Portugal… everything we love!;
🌱 Flour, sea salt from Aveiro, vegetal margarina, coconut milk, corn starch & water;
👨‍🌾 Made by Diplomata, a young Portuguese brand.

Our small favorite of the range 💛

3.20 / 180g

  • Product sourced with love
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • No chemical added (never!)

Crackers are good (yep, that’s a fact).
Natural crackers are even better.
And when the crackers take on the appearance of puff pastry, pfiou, then we completely crack (hehehe) 🤤

Diplomata is a young Portuguese brand of super healthy crackers. Imagine that you can now eat them at any time of the day… without even feeling guilty! Magic heh?

With a good hummus, a tatziki or a homemade guacamole, accompanied by a piece of cheese, or even as a base of sweet spread, the cracker is really the must-have of the kitchen. The ones from Diplomata are more natural, without preservatives, colorants or added sugar.

That’s why we say a big YES and a big MiAM!

Found and delivered with love by MiAM 💛