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Cabbage “romanesco” • organic

Organic Portuguese Romanesque kale with a mild flavour and crunchy texture can even be eaten raw!

👨‍🌾 Culitvado by Carlos in Horta do Adão, Loures;
🌱 From January to April;
⏰ Store in the refrigerator for 1 week;
🍴 Gratin, cooked, grilled or sautéed it’s an excellent option to eat with any dish or to make delicious recipes;
💡 Tender and smooth, let them boil for few minutes.

2.10 / un (≃ 500g)

  • Product sourced with love
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • No chemical added (never!)

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Our kale Romanesque come from Mr. Carlos, an independent farmer dedicated to the production of sustainable organic farming in Loures! They are picked up in the morning and delivered to your home just in time for dinner 😋

“But what is romance cabbage? “ 💡

Kale Romanesque belongs to the cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, cabbage and Brussels sprouts family. It originated in Italy, more precisely in Rome.

Kale Romanesque has a mild and crunchy flavour. You can make kale Romanesque grilled, sautéed or boiled and add it to any dish! You can also use kale Romanesque to cook delicious recipes like kale Romanesque risotto with bacon or a crunchy kale Romanesque salad 🤤

Did you know that you can eat raw kale Romanesque? This soft textured kale can be eaten raw, in salads, or as a snack! Since it so soft, you should steam your kale Romanesque for a short time so that it doesn’t break.

The benefits of kale Romanesque are various from antioxidant vitamins (such as vitamin C) to carotenoids, including polyphenols 💪

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