Mushrooms • shiitake • organic

Soft and spongy pulp, with a delicate taste: shiitake mushrooms

👨‍🌾 From Alcochete with love;
☀️ In season all year long;
⏰ Store until 1 week in the refrigerator;
👨‍🍳 On risotto, with bacon, garlic or carbonara – they are always delicious!

3.00 / 200g

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  • Product sourced with love
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • No chemical added (never!)

Uhmmmm soft, spongy, with a delicate flavor – we love shiitake mushroom! 🤗

Our shitake mushrooms are organic and of Portuguese origin! Sustainable production, always fresh and tasty – irresistible 🤤

And how many recipes can we make with fresh mushrooms? From stuffed mushrooms with broccoli, mushroom risotto with asparagus, grilled mushrooms with ham, mushrooms with pasta and soy sauce… imagination is the limit! 🤩