Oyster mushrooms NÃM

THE most sexy mushroom in your kitchen!

⏳ to consume in the 2 days following the delivery;
📍 conservation in the fridge, between 0-4°;
🚨 don’t put it under water, use a dry towel to wash it;
🍴 best to enjoy with eggs, rice or pastas!

Like all our products, these mushrooms are grown in the respect of nature, humans & environment. No chemical.

2.90 / 250g

In stock

  • Product sourced with love
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • No chemical added (never!)

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1.95 / pack of ≃ 1kg

Have you already heard about NÃM before? 🤩

No? Ok, let’s go 👇

NÃM is the first urban farm of Lisbon based on circular economy. About 2-3 years ago, Natan, a young Belgium entrepreneur, started to dream of creating a company that could include waste in the value creation process. While working in different small social firms, he finally came up with his model: use traditional Portuguese coffee waste as the main fertilizer of tasty mushrooms’ growth. “From waste to taste”.

TA-DAM! NÃM was born 🍄

Starting by collecting them himself, Natan is now working hand to hand with Delta to salvage coffee wastes through Lisbon. By reproducing the closest conditions (in terms of light, temperature and humidity) of the nature, he’s now able to produce oyster mushrooms of the best quality.

Already cherished by some of the most famous chefs of Lisbon, we are super happy to welcome NÃM’s mushrooms on MiAM 🤤