Veggie box, MiAM MiAM

The tastier surprise box of your week!

This delightful seasonal fruits & veggies’ box is an assortment of the best organic fruits & veggies you may need in your kitchen 🥒🥬🥔🍋🍊
This basket MiAM MiAM contains:
6kg of seasonal vegetables,
3kg of fruits,
– and 3 herbs to perfume all your plates.

The vegetable basket MiAM MiAM has been especially imagined for a 4 or 5 persons’ family. You’ll receive at home a good variety of products, and some surprises 😏
Every veggie box MiAM MiAM is as unique as your family recipes will be!


  • Product sourced with love
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • No chemical added (never!)

The organic veggie box MiAM MiAM – also presented as a familial fruits and vegetables basket – is a weekly selection of local fruits and veggies, all from certified producers 🇵🇹

Our fruits and vegetables come from local producers. Everything you find in your box is seasonal, full of color and delicious 🤤 That’s why we call it: basket surprise – every week is slightly different, according to the time of year 📆

The year begins with winter and at that time our organic baskets bring you beautiful apples, oranges and tangerines as well as cabbages, leeks and carrots… the right flavors to make warm sautés and delicious desserts 🥘

Spring brings the good weather and with it you see the chard, the cherries, the asparagus, the plums – directly from the garden and orchard to your home 🏡

In summer our baskets are filled with vibrant colors: tomatoes of various qualities (with an otherworldly flavor), watermelon and melon, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries, cucumber, broad beans and green beans and the sweetest of all: the figs… 😎

With the arrival of autumn our fruit and vegetable baskets feature the persimmons, the pumpkin, the sweet potato, the chestnuts… uhm so good 😊