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For 2 years, MiAM has been an amazing adventure, full of joy and good food.

Today it's been complicated for us to keep going with this non-profitable project, and that's why we have decided to stop the activity for now 🙂

Thanks for the visit anyway, we wish you a good day!
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Raphaële and the MiAM team

Beetroot • red beetroot • organic

The most colourful veggie is actually a root 🤗 Its pink colour and sweetness will bring a lot of joy to your plates!

👨‍🌾 Grown in Lisbon by Carlos;
🌱 In the lands (and on MiAM) from October to June;
⏰ Conservation for 2 weeks at room temperature;
🍴 Eat them roasted, in salad, as hummus or in burgers!

1.40 / ≃500g (1-2u)

  • Product sourced with love
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • No chemical added (never!)

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1.10 / ≃500g (5-8u)

Here at MiAM, we LOVE beetroots 🤗

Our organic beetroots come from organic fields near Lisbon (in Loures to be precise).
With a unique and sweet savour, the beetroots have small calories, and are full of health benefits.

Let’s be inventive regarding recipes you can do with beetroots.
You can transform a traditional hummus into a beetroot hummus, you can cook a beetroot salad (raw or steamed) with a honey vinaigrette, or you can even try to cook a vegan burger with beetroot!