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We’ll be back on the 31th of August, with a lot of delicious products and local news!

Meanwhile, have fun, laugh hard and enjoy your family time. Draw vitamins in all the fruits you can find. Rest. Relax. In short: EN-JOY.

The MiAM Team

Organic red potato

Another beautiful variety of potatoes with a waxy and dense texture and a mild, buttery, earthy flavor.

👨‍🌾 Great in salads as they hold their shape when cooked, but also widely used in soups, stews, baked or mashed. Popular diced and sautéed or cubed and roasted with meats or fish, loaded with herbs and spices.

📥 Store in a dry, dark and cool place, however not the refridgerator. You can add an apple to avoid budding and they can last a few months.

2.30 / pack of ≃ 1kg

  • Product sourced with love
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • No chemical added (never!)