Where do your greens (veggies, fruits, aromatics) come from?

All the fruits & veggies you’ll find on MiAM come directly from our Portuguese producers. Every week, with their collaboration, we define the list of fruits & veggies that are ready to be picked up, and we organize the logistics to be able to bring your MiAM home.

The products you’ll find on MiAM (and in your baskets) are always (always!) seasonal. Hence you’ll never find strawberries in winter or products that come from the other side of the world.

Are the products local?

All the products we sell are issued from the portuguese Agriculture. 95% of our fruits, veggies & aromatics come from less than 50km of Lisbon. The 5 other % can come from Algarve, Madeira or from the Açores.

Regarding the other products (mercearia…), some of our producers are living close Lisbon, but we also found some treasures in other areas 🙂

How do you make your product selection?

We love to meet the producers and taste some new products that you may like! Only one focus: the TASTE.

We admire people who work with passion. They are the ones who do that for the love of THE product, and they usually have the same values than we do, and work in the respect of nature & humans.

Who makes the deliveries?

In Lisbon, we’re working hand-in-hand with Tuk on Me, a touristic compagny with electric tuk-tuk. It’s a way for us to help a company that has suffered a lot of the covid crisis, while beiing able to have a “last-kilometer” delivery with an impact 0. You’ll often Eduardo, Pedro or João 😉

For longer distances, we work with Shopopop, a collaborative driver app. And because we’re still a small compagny, somethimes it’s just us, with our car!

What are the delivery dates?

We deliver every afternoon from Tuesday to Friday. Because we work with a system of “pre-order”, you need to place yours from one week in advance, to the day before, 5pm. That’s how we can then manage the logistics with our suppliers, and bring you the next day super fresh products directly in your kitchen!

When sending us you order, you can choose if you prefer to get delivered on the 1st slot (16-17h30) or on the second one (17h30-19h).

Do you take back the MiAM boxes?

Yes, 1000 times YES! Don’t hesitate to give back your last box to one of your delivery guy when you see one!