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All our fruits are organic, seasonal and from Portugal.

Hey you 馃檪

For 2 years, MiAM has been an amazing adventure, full of joy and good food.

Today it's been complicated for us to keep going with this non-profitable project, and that's why we have decided to stop the activity for now 馃檪

Thanks for the visit anyway, we wish you a good day!
(and if you want to send us a message, don't hesitate:

Rapha毛le and the MiAM team
1.55 / 鈮500g (3-4u)
1.50 / 鈮500g (4un aprox.)
1.40 / 鈮500g (3-4u)
1.60 / un (鈮 250g)
3.95 / 鈮 1kg (7-8u)

Organic fruits

Grapefruit 鈥 organic

1.40 / u (300-350g)
1.00 / 鈮250g (aprox 2u)
2.50 / 鈮 1kg (4-5u)
1.20 / 鈮500g (3-4 u)

Organic fruits

Physalis 鈥 organic

3.10 / 125g
1.90 / 鈮500g (7-10u)