3 reasons per day to be happy; let’s make each of your meals exceptional!

We believe eating well starts with making your food shopping of organic groceries and fresh products simple. 
This easy access to good products, it’s what we had in mind when we’ve created our MiAM online market.
Working closely with Portuguese farmers, we bring you the best of local and organic food at home 🙂
From Algarve to the North of Portugal, we select tasty (and healthy) products issued from a sustainable agriculture: organic fruits and vegetables, farmhouse butter, artisanal delicatessen, organic eggs, natural wines, craft beers, traditional honey, home-made granola… We’ve sourced all our products with passion and love (of food).
At MiAM, we want the best for our clients: delicious products and a pleasant experience, all of this at a good price. Meanwhile, we do believe it’s necessary today to create a company that in addition of respecting humans, animals and the planet will also value the work of our partners. That’s why, all the products you’ll find here are sold at what we consider as the best quality-price ratio possible.
Good products, sustainable production, fair price: you’ll see, it tastes much better like this 🤤
Local products


Great taste
for food lovers

All the products you’ll find here have been chosen with taste and love (of food). We chose the products we’d love to have in our own kitchen.


Sustainable agriculture
and local products

We value local farmers; and all the producers we work with are from Portugal. Our products respect the seasons, the animals and the human work.

Eco delivery
with a friendly smile

We work with sustainable delivery partners: electric tuk-tuk for our in-Lisbon deliveries, eco-friendly service for the deliveries outside of Lisbon.