Winter ratatouille 🥬

Receita de ratatouille de inverno. Como fazer uma receita facíl com legumes de inverno? MiAM ajuda!

Lots of people know the traditional summer ratatouille, with eggplants, zucchinis and tomatoes. But very few know this winter version, based on carrots and greens. Super simple, fast to make, it will warm you up during the cold months!

Our small tip? Use all the spices you have and you like; the more you’ll put, the tastier it will be!

This recipe is a perfect match with some white meat (pork, chicken…) or with a good potato puré. Have fun, enjoy!


1.10 / ≃500g (5-8u)

Organic veggies

Chard • organic

1.20 / un (≃ 350g)
1.05 / ≃ 500g (3-5u)

Organic veggies

Leek • organic

1.90 / ≃500g (aprox. 2un)

Organic herbs

Organic coriander


Organic herbs

Garlic • organic

0.95 / un


What you need at home:

  • olive oil
  • a big marmite you can cover 
  • all the spices you have!


  1. Cut the onions and carrots, and fry them in 3 spoons of olive oil over (high heat for 1 minute, then put it lower)
  2. Add the greens, garlic and spices 
  3. Cover for 1 hour … 

Ready! (when we said it was easy 😉). Bom apetit!

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