Stuffed eggplants and zucchinis 🍆

Receita facil de beringela recheada, mercearia MiAM

Stuffed veggies (eggplants and zuchinis)

A delicious and easy recipe to make for a lazy Sunday at home 💛

ingredients you need

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Organic herbs

Celery • organic

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Organic herbs

Garlic • organic

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Ingredientes para receita de legumes recheados, MiAM

1. Good ingredients are the key! Choose them bio and local if possible, you’ll see, the taste is so much better! 🌱

Receita de legumes recheados; esvaziar os legumes com uma colher, e manter a polpa

2. Empty the vegetables with a spoon, and keep the flesh. Pre-bake them like this for 20 minutes, 200°.

Receita de legumes recheados: Misturar todos os ingredientes para o recheio

3. Mix together the ingredients for the filling separately (meat, the flesh of the veggies, onions, garlic and celery).

Como cozinhar beringelas e curgetes? Uma receita facil de legumes recheidos com MiAM!

4. Stuff your veggies with the filling, and put them back in the oven for 30 more minutes 💛

BAM, it’s ready!

Eat them really warm, with a green salad and a bit of hot sauce 🌶 ENJOY!

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