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Manteiga de amêndoim vegan bio | Mercearia MiAM

If you are a fan of peanut butter and haven’t tried BlissOUT, what are you waiting for?

Bliss out means to temporarily lose consciousness merely from Contentment. Camila and Alvaro are a couple of young entrepreneurs who want to bring us this experience. ÔÇťHow is that possible?ÔÇť,┬áyou askÔÇŽ Let me tell you about their peanut butters.

Manteiga de amêndoim vegan | Mercearia MiAM Lisboa

How it all started

Born and raised in Venezuela, Camila and Alvaro traveled the world together only to fell in love with Cascais

As two natives of Caracas, Camila and Alvaro eat peanut butter with everything: to complement their breakfasts, as pre or post training fuel, or to make any smoothie, snack and even savory dishes more thrilling.

When in Portugal

Camila and Alvaro moved to Cascais, which is where they now live. Alvaro surfs, Camila practices yoga, and they both love nature, which is abundant in Cascais.

BUT when in Portugal they realized they werenÔÇÖt able to find the right peanut butter (the one that would make them Bliss Out).
So, in an attempt to solve their need for a GREAT peanut butter they decided to roast some peanuts and make their own, incorporating the spices and superfoods they like the most, and the result was BLISSOUT!

Manteiga de amêndoim vegan | Mercearia bioMiAM
Manteiga de amêndoim vegan | Mercearia MiAM biológica

BlissOUT was born

Camila and Alvaro loved their peanut butter and so they decided to make peanut butter their business and share it with the world ­čîŹ

One year later they launched their brand and created a peanut butter like no other! BLISSOUT peanut butter is vegan, organic, gluten free, eco-friendly and free of additives and, of course, with all of the above it could only be a premium quality peanut butter.

The perfect Blissout

To make some of the most delicious peanut butters we have ever tried they add:

spices, superfoods and adaptogens to make them not only delicious, but also nutritionally rich!

Use this peanut butter again and again on bread, toasts, pancakes or on your favorite dishes!

Manteiga de amêndoim vegan | Mercearia MiAM bio

Some of their favourite recipes… ­čĄĄ

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