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Manteiga de amêndoim vegan | Mercearia MiAM Lisboa

“Bliss out”, n,m: who temporarily loses consciousness out of pure contentment Ôś║´ŞĆ

And that’s exactly what Camila and ├ülvaro, young entrepreneurs’ couple, want us to experience with their artisanal produces.

“How can that be possible?” you ask…
OK. Let us tell you all about BlissOUTÔÇÖs peanut butter.

A BlissOUT STORY: from CARACAS to cascais

Manteiga de amêndoim vegan | Mercearia MiAM Lisboa

The peanut butter, a must-have in Venezuela…

Before all, BlissOUT is a travel story. Born and raised in Venezuela, Camila and Álvaro traveled the world together for several months before falling in love with Cascais.

Both from Caracas, this sportive couple had the habit to add peanut butter everywhere. There, you add peanut paste in your breakfast bowl, your eat some to give you strength in before our after workout, you add some in your smoothies … Peanut in a snack, peanut in a main course… Peanut always delicious!

… to Portugal!

After some months of travel, Camila and Álvaro arrived in Cascais. Falling in love with the place (we kind of understand why), they decided to stay there for good. 

Life is slow in Portugal. Alvaro surfs every morning, Camila practices yoga, they both enjoy the nature… But a problem came up: they couldnÔÇÖt find the peanut butter they were used to eat ­čś│

That’s how they decided to create their own: they decided to roast some peanuts and try some recipes… the result was BlissOUT!

Manteiga de amêndoim vegan | Mercearia bioMiAM
Manteiga de amêndoim vegan | Mercearia MiAM biológica

And so, BlissOUT was born!

Not only Camila and ├ülvaro loved their homemade peanut butter… so did their friends! The idea started to pop in their minds “let’s share the BLISS to the world!” ­čîŹ

One year after, they launched the brand with 4 recipes of peanut butters, as healthy as delicious.

BlissOUT peanut paste is vegan, organic, gluten-free, eco-friendly and additive-free and of course mega healthy and delicious. A veritable premium quality super-aliment!

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As a breakfast, healthy snack or in a salty main dish, there are so much ways to enjoy the peanut butter┬á­čĹç

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