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Pepe Aromas, a family story

Pepe Aromas: a family project born with Grandpa Pepe.

More than a company… Pepe Aromas is a family!

60 years ago, Pepe dreamed and initiated an agricultural project in Alentejo. His family describes him as a business- and genuine man, both great storyteller and deep connoisseur of rural Alentejo. 

After he passed, his son Jacinto maintained and conserved his agricultural heritage and transmitted this passion to his children. The children who are now committed to invest and innovate in agriculture. 

Azeite do alentejo orgânico

2013: the new start 

José and Susana, Pepe’s great-children, started Pepe Aromas in 2013: that’s how Alentejo received a new agricultural production: innovative, organic and sustainable.

After years dedicated to the commercialization of fresh prickly pears, the 2 siblings José and Susana

Depois de anos dedicados à comercialização de figos frescos, os irmãos José e Susana found themselves with tons of fruit to spare. To avoid waste and make the business more sustainable they started to transform them into vinegars, jams and olive oils.

Pepe is much more than a name… it’s the pulse of a family, inspired by a man’s dream, and now dedicated to develop a modern, biological and sustainable agriculture project in Alentejo.

The artisanal production of Pepe Aromas

At Pepe Aromas, everything is organically produced. The producers preserve the biodiversity and conserve the diverse species of native fauna and flora

Soils are managed in a conscious and sustainable way, and all agricultural practices respect the environment. The centenary trees are cared for with all the pampering, wisdom and patience. Joseph tells us: “All of them (the trees) have a story to tell and hope we have time to listen to it“.

What about the olive oil?

In 2018, Pepe Aromas converted the 33 hectares of olive groves into an organic production with the idea to produce an amazing olive oil, rich in terms of taste and vitamines. The result? An extra organic olive oil, super fruity, soft and slightly spicy that we can not miss at our tables 😋

Made for all dishes, this olive oil is the perfect seasoning for a summer salad, a simple Açorda à Alentejana. We at MiAM also love it with some bread and garlic. So simple, so delicious 

Azeite extra virgem do Alentejo

Pepe Aromas products are on MiAM

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