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Today we tell you more about our olive oil and vinegar supplier 🤩

Pepe Aromas is the third generation of a family project born with grandfather Pepe, 60 years ago

Pepe was a devoted business man with a profound knowledge about Alentejo. His son, Jacinto maintained and conserved his agricultural heritage and eventually passed his passion on to his sons, that are now committed to investing and innovating in agriculture.

AZEITE BIO Alentejano em Lisboa

The beginning

The company was founded in 2013 by Susana and José, and with it Alentejo received a new agricultural production: innovative, biological and sustainable.

After years dedicated to the commercialization of fresh figs, the brothers José and Susana found themselves with tons of fruit in surplus. From the need to make the business more sustainable, vinegars, jellies and olive oils were born.

Pepe is much more than a name… it’s the pulse of a family inspired by a man’s dream, today developed in Alentejo a modern, biological and sustainable agricultural project!

Pepe Aromas nowadays

At Pepe Aromas everything is produced organically, preserving the biodiversity and conserving the many species of native fauna and flora

The soils are management in a conscious and sustainable way and  all agricultural practices are environmental-friendly. Their century-old trees are taken care of with all the pampering, wisdom and patience. José tells us: “They (the trees) all have a story to tell and expect us to have time to listen to it.”

The olive oil

exclusive olive oil, made from the Galician or Arbequina variety is rich in antioxidants and vitamins

In 2018, Pepe Aromas converted the 33 hectares of olive groves into organic production and since then they extract from this olive trees a very fruity, mild and slightly spicy extra virgin organic olive oil that we just cannot miss on our tables: made for every dish, this olive oil is the perfect seasoning for the most exquisite flavors, but also the humblest Açorda à Alentejana or a toast.

Azeite extra virgem do Alentejo

They say that “in the Alentejo, olive oil goes with everything”, but I don’t think it’s only in Alentejo 😉

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