Courela dos Pegos, welcome into Luis and João farm!

Luis e João de Courela dos Pegos bio. Compre online os seus produtos bio! Entrega de produtos locais em Lisboa, MiAM

First of all, we can’t talk about Courela dos Pegos without mentioning it’s a family story. 

It all started three years ago when Luís and João decided to recovered their family farm, in Montijo, Setúbal.

After recovering what their grandfather had once used to plant onions and potatoes, Luís and João started their own biological production. Courela dos Pegos is a farm where technology and science align to produce delicious fruits and veggies according with permaculture guidelines.

When it comes to permaculture, experience makes perfection and fruits and veggies are always a work in progress – from the moment they are planted to the day they are collected from the ground.

With João we learned that every farm is different depending on the soils, water, sun and even wind. At Courela dos pegos Luís and João embrace what the land has to offer, respecting the planet and the environment.

Growing a farm comes with several challenges. João explained us that sometimes failures are important: from plagues to squirrels, passing by learning about the soils, the best times to plant and collect and even count with unexpected guests (such as rabbits), it’s a work in progress that João and Luís are happy to discover and learn more about.

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