Bom dia Fevereiro 🍕


What do we eat in February?


In February, stock up in vitamines!


Aaaaah, February!


Did you know that, even if it’s the shortest month of the year, it’s also the month where people are the most tired? 😴

Could we blame our bodies? It’s been 3 months that they’re stuck into the cold, the rain, that they don’t see so many light… 🥶


Fortunately, nature is clever! 🌱💪🍋


In terms of veggies, it’ the time to cook some “comfort food” that will make you happy and bring all the nutriments your body needs. White, red, sweet potatoes, pumpkins & cenouras will be the basics of your soups. Kale, broccoli and cauliflower will make your mouths happy. 


In terms of fruits, it’s the full citrus’ season! Oranges, clementinas, tangeras, lemons… Take your morning shots of VITAMINE C my friends! It’s also the time of the fist kiwis and avocados. Enjoy!

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